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Listawood hits the headlines

Norfolk based promotional products manufacturer Listawood has hit the national headlines. Appearing live on ITV Daybreak on Tuesday the 27th of August, the manufacturer was profiled as a best practice case for supporting employees with caring responsibilities.

Two members of the Listawood team were interviewed live on Daybreak by Nick Dixon; explaining how they work with their employer to manage their caring responsibilities. Daybreak presenter Helen Fospero described the company as “absolutely extraordinary.”

Norman Lamb, Minister for Care and Support, was also interviewed live from the Listawood production facility. He later stated on twitter that he had “Visited brilliant family friendly company, Listawood, in Norfolk to make case on Daybreak for employers to allow carers to work flexibly!”

The report from Government, business and Carers UK argues for more support to help carers juggle work and care stating that better support for working carers would give businesses and the UK economy a much needed boost and would save taxpayers £1.3 billion a year. The report confirms that there are more than three million employees who currently have to balance their work commitments and their family caring responsibilities; with almost two million of those people working full time.

Listawood manufacturer over 80% of their promotional product portfolio at their 70,000 square foot headquarters just outside of Fakenham in Norfolk. Their range of products includes ceramics, mouse mats, fridge magnets and technology accessories to name a few.

Listawood are part of the leadership group for Employers for Carers; a membership forum of employers committed to working carers. With over 70 member organisations representing at least a million employees from the private and public sectors, its key purpose is to provide practical advice and assistance to employers seeking to support and retain the 1 in 7 carers in their workforce. As part of the leadership group, Listawood work alongside other employers such as BT, British Gas/Centrica, and Sainsbury’s, the Metropolitan Police, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the NHS, to support carers wishing to remain in or return to work.


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Listawood hits the headlines
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