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SubliClub Application

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SubliClub Terms and Conditions

1. Membership to the SubliClub will commence from the date that the customer signs up to the scheme and points are earned on orders placed with Listawood Trade Supplies.

2. For every £1 spent at Listawood, SubliClub members will earn 1 point. Each point has the value of £0.01 (100 points is the equivalent of £1).

3. Listawood reserve the right to vary the value of SubliClub points at any time.

4. Points are not transferable and can only be redeemed with the authorization of the designated SubliClub member signatory. Points cannot be transferred, sold or traded in any way.

5. Subliclub points can be redeemed against any of the products featured in the Listawood Trade Supplies portfolio. Redemption methods can be changed or withdrawn without notice.

6. Listawood SubliClub membership is subject to approval by AT Promotions Ltd (ATP). ATP can refuse or withdraw their offer of SubliClub membership to any member or group of members at any time.

7. If a member fails to adhere to our standard terms and conditions, then SubliClub Member status may be withdrawn and points earned to date lost.

8. Points cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer without prior agreement with ATP.

9. Subject to AT Promotions Ltd’s standard terms & conditions; a copy of which is available upon request.

I agree with the SubliClub terms and conditions:

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